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About Us

A few years ago, one of our dear friends was moving away from her family home to college. As a going away gift, we wanted to give her something that would not only be useful, but remind her of us and our love for her.


We spent a lot of time thinking of items she could use in her apartment, or wear to protect her from the harsh weather. Every gift we thought of was either too practical, or too impractical. Then, we got a crazy idea. The idea to get her an email address... an email address that was perfect for her.


Once we had the email address we wanted, we decided to make a presentation of this gift to her. What fun that was! Our presentation was simple but touching. We made fun of her idiosyncrasies, praised her talents, and concluded the only gift suitable for her was her own highly personalized and wonderfully unique email address. The response was uproar of laughter, applause and tremendous affection. Quite frankly, we were stunned at the amount of appeal this gift had.


Tuggboats can be used to make a statement. Perhaps a personal statement of affection to someone else. A personal statement about themselves or their politics. Maybe, in a business relationship, a statement regarding creativity, attention to detail or professionalism. Or, all three.


The idea of Tuggboat.com was born.


We are driven to make Tuggboat as easy as...

  1. Confirm your email address is available.
  2. Buy the subscription.
  3. Set your destination.

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