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10 Tech Gifts Even Your Mother Would Love for Mother's Day

Tuggboat 10 Tech Gifts Even Your Mother Would Love for Mother's Day
May 01, 2016

It won’t be long before bouquets begin flying off the shelves of flower shop and grocery stores alike as son and daughters race to get their mothers something special for mother’s day. Now I could say that the best gift is something special, made from the heart. But let’s be real, it 2016 in the age of technology what a mom really wants is a nifty gadget that will make her life easier.

10 Tech Gifts for Mom

Fit Bit

If your mom is anything like mine then she’s begging for a Fit Bit. These gadgets track your daily activity basic health signs such as number of steps walked, heart rate, quality of sleep and more. Fit Bit is the perfect motivator to get a mother in motion.


For a mother looking to get a professional outlook on life, you can sign her up for Tuggboat. This service allows users to create custom email address that connect and forward emails to a current email address. Using Tuggboat, Mom can turn her mammajones@outlook.com into a perfectly professional marthaclementine@jones.email or MarthaJones@TheBestMom.email.


Pigeon Frame

Grandmas love photos of family, especially family they don’t see often, so it’s no surprise they love Pigeon Frame too. This device allows family to instantly send photos and video to a digital picture frame for grandma to enjoy.

Parrot Flower Power

The wireless outdoor advice if the perfect gift for the gardening mother. Once planted in the soil by the plant its sensors watch over and monitor its health and needs. It will notify you if the soil is too dry or the plant isn’t getting sufficient sunlight so your garden turns out hale and hearty.


A woman can never have too many purses but Everpurse may be a forever purse. This purse holds a built in charger so mom never has to worry about losing battery again. Best of all it is completely wireless.


You could help a mother out by gifting her a Skybell then she won’t ever have to worry about who is at the door or when her package will arrive. Skybell is Wi-Fi video doorbell with a built in camera, speaker, microphone, and motion sensor so mom can just check the app on her phone if someone comes over.



Sometimes it takes forever for mom to respond to a text but no longer can she say the phone was in another room. Ringly is a stylish, jewelry based gadget that notifies the wearer if they have received a message on their phone.

Polaroid: Zip Instant Mobile Picture

Moms always seem to whip the camera out during an even to keep the memory but wouldn’t it be nice if they could print those photos in seconds. The Polaroid Zip Instant Mobile Picture is a Bluetooth enabled photo printer that can be connected to a mobile device to do just that.


If your mom loves to cook or wants to learn the best gift would be a subscription to Plated. Here you can choose chef-designed recipes to try and they will send the exact ingredients needed to make the dish. Its easy to follow directions makes a subscription to Plated a food connoisseur or mothers dream.


Watching your kids grow up hurts a mothers heart so why not keep the memories close with Casetagram, a service that allows you to decorate and customize your iPhone case with pictures of fond memories.

Kitchen Tablet Holder

Many cookbooks have come to an end during a mothers juggle between cooking and recipe. With the age of technology it may be best to keep tablet out of the way making a kitchen tablet holder a good gift for any cooking mother.

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