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10 Innovative Gifts Your Dad Will Love for Father’s Day

Tuggboat 10 Innovative Gifts Your Dad Will Love for Father’s Day
June 10, 2016

Father's Day is just around the corner, which means it's time to start looking for a gift Dad will really love. Sure, you could look for another stylish tie or bottle of cologne, but why not think outside of the box this year? It's no secret that dads are great lovers of awesome tech, which makes the different gadgets on the market perfect for your consideration. If you're not sure what will do, however, these 10 great tech gifts are the perfect choices for this year's Father's Day present.

Top 10 Tech Gifts for Dad

1. GoPro

The GoPro is the perfect gift for the adventurous dad who wants to capture every moment from a unique angle. Whether at the beach, on a hike, at an amusement park, or doing something else entirely, the GoPro is a great way to record even your most extreme memories from a personal perspective. Right now there are special deals available such as the GoPro beach bundle, as well as different GoPro products to try.


Source: Brandon Rivera/Flickr

2. Apple Watch

If the dad in your life wears a watch, why not give him an upgrade? The Apple Watch combines all the advantages of a watch, a smartphone, and a computer into a single device, making it great for the dad on the go. The Apple Watch can keep his appointments, make his calls, send texts, and do much more.

Apple Watch

Source: Andreas Kambanis/Flickr

3. Tile Wireless Key Finder

If your dad is always losing his keys, phone, wallet, or other valuables, the Tile App is the perfect gift for him. The useful Bluetooth tracker and app are both super easy to use, making it simply for dad to find his belongings in no time at all. He can locate lost items using the Ring or Map feature, as well as find his way to his phone by making it ring with a just the touch of a button, even if it's on silent!

4. Tuggboat

For the father who is all about individuality and flair, Tuggboat may be the perfect gift to give. This unique service allows dad to make his own fun and unique email address that seamlessly forwards to his current email service to make for a much more fun and exciting email experience. For example, his current email address may be something like "TimSmith@yahoo.com", but it could become, "Tim@lovetofish.com", or even "BestDadEver@TimSmith.email". Basically, dad can make his email anything he likes with this one of a kind service, so why not sign him up?

Tuggboat Custom Email

5. Kwikset Kevo & SmartCode 915 Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolts

For the safety-minded father, the Kwikset and Smartcode Electronic Deadbolt is a great way to give dad the gift of peace of mind. This handy gadget is the leader in residential security as it responds only to specific touch. So even if an unauthorized person has the code, the deadbolt will stay locked up tight. Comes in colors Brass, Nickel, and Bronze.

6. Ballistic Case

If your dad is prone to dropping his smartphone all over the place, the Ballistic Phone Case may be the perfect gift. This highly durable phone case will protect even the most vulnerable smartphones currently on the market. Made with 5 layers of military grade plastic and silicon, the Ballistic Case protects your phone from drops, falls, and even water.

7. The Halo+ Weather Reporting Smoke Detector

Created by the Halo Smart Labs, the Halo+ Weather Reporting Smoke Detector is one of the world's smartest and safest smoke detectors on the market today. This device is the first ever smoke alarm that also gives out weather alerts and detects smoldering and fast moving fires, carbon monoxide, and more in single unit. For dads who love to get the most for their money, this present really does it all.

8. Accoustascape Backyard Speakers

For the dad who enjoys a warm and welcoming backyard setup, the Accoustascape Hi-Fi Landscape Audio System takes things to the next level. This gift actively transforms any backyard into a beautiful sanctuary. The plantable, all-weather proof speakers can be easily hidden in the garden and shrubs, providing a state of the art sound system that will make your backyard swell with music and sound. Perfect for barbecues, pool parties, and quaint backyard campouts.

9. Microsoft Band

For fitness-savvy dads, the Microsoft Band is a great gift to keep him in shape and on task. This nifty gadget gives dad actionable insights into his health by showing heart rate, step counts, workouts, sleep quality and more. He can sync it with his phone and even share photos and data on Instagram.

Source: SparkFun Electronics/Flickr

10. Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell

Your Dad will never have to miss a visitor or wonder who is at the door again with this great gift. The Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell allows him to be home to answer to the door even when he's not actually there. It connects to your smartphone and allows you to see who's on the front step when they come to call. Great for catching visitors if you're running late, or picking up on suspicious callers.

Give your dad the gifts he really wants this year by switching from a tired old tie to a cool, new piece of tech. Your dad will love it and get tons of use out of it for years to come!

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