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10 Ways to Show Your American Pride for the 4th of July

Tuggboat 10 Ways to Show Your American Pride for the 4th of July
June 17, 2016

Can you hear it? The sizzling sound of a thousand grills cooking up hamburgers and hotdogs, as screeching kids splash around in pools and beaches. Summer is taking off and with July around the corner, it’s time to think about America and how you want to show your patriotism.

Watch fireworks

Fireworks are a favorite American past time. Your state may not allow personal fireworks, but a professional fireworks show is sure to have spectacular displays of colorful explosions.


Patriotic email

Get a tuggboat email to show off your star spangled pride. Nothing says "I love America" more than creating an email like sarah@iloveamerica.email or tom@americathegreat.

Bake a birthday cake

It's America's birthday!! Bake it a red, white and blue cake to celebrate its 240th birthday. If you can’t bake, buy it. Cake is always welcome at any party.

Show your stars and stripes

Put up a flag or wear red, white and blue to show your American pride. You could even make a decorative, patriotic wreath to hang on your door.


Thank / hug / write a veteran

Our military have fought for the American way and deserve to be recognized for it. Thank a veteran for their contribution to our great country.

Watch a baseball game

Nothing says America more than going to a baseball game or tossing the ball around with the kids. Support your local team or get tickets to your favorite major league team, kick back with a beer and dog as you celebrate America.

Attend a 4th of July parade

A sure fire way for a family to enjoy the fourth is to attend a parade. There is nothing more spectacular than watching the red, white and blue floats go by as marching bands and groups express their pride as Americans.

Have a picnic

Celebrate the day with the family or partner with a relaxing picnic and maybe some good old fashioned apple pie. Remember to drink lots of water during these summer days out in the sun.


Watch a patriotic movie

Watch patriotism unfold while watching truly American movies like ‘Captain America’ or ‘Saving Private Ryan’. If you like something historic and fun try the musical '1776'.

Learn about American history

Delve into America’s history and see what makes America great. This is a great time to involve kids in learning about the history of their nation.

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