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6 Ecommerce Tips for Amazon Sellers to Use Right Now

Tuggboat 6 Ecommerce Tips for Amazon Sellers to Use Right Now
July 15, 2016

It's no secret that Amazon itself is one of the top places to shop for just about everything you need. Whether you're looking for books, hair care products, clothing, electronics, toys, or devices, Amazon is sure to have it for a pretty reasonable price. Of course, shopping on Amazon is much different than selling, which the latter being a bit trickier due to the plethora of sellers and shops that exist on the site. However, this should not be daunting to those who are serious about increasing their Amazon sales. In fact, the following useful tips will not only help you become a top seller on Amazon, it will teach you a thing or two about eCommerce, which is rapidly becoming a highly invaluable skill.

Try These Tips for Ecommerce Success

You don't become the world's largest internet retailer without picking up a few tips on how to ensure ecommerce success, which is why Amazon is an excellent place to start. Ecommerce itself is a rather new concept, not much older than the internet as we know it today. In short, ecommerce stands for electronic business, i.e. buying and selling, promoting and marketing, all online. Knowing the subtle differences between business and ecommerce, as well as the tips that can translate between both with some minor tweaking, can lead to serious success at both ventures. Some of the best tips include:

1. Collect Reviews

Reviews have tremendous power. Whether you're working from Amazon, your own business website, or another online retailer, it is important to know and understand just how valuable reviews are to your, your business, and your products. Enough bad reviews, and your business basically doomed; enough good reviews, and you can expect to see sales soar. But how do you get reviews? Solicit friends, family members, and colleagues to endorse your business or product, leaving reviews of their honest feelings. You don't want to have your team lie on reviews, for the truth of a faulty product or service will come out all too quickly. Instead, ask them if they have a positive opinion of your product and, if they do, ask them to kindly leave a review to boost visibility and awareness. After that, as business increases so will feedback, which new and potential customers are sure to set a lot of stock by.

2. Frequent Freebees

This may seem counterproductive, especially if your one and only goal is to make money, but freebies can work wonders in the long run. People love free stuff, so, if nothing else, handing out frequent freebees will attract customers to you. Once you've got a following and they've seen how great your product is, they're sure to come back for the regularly priced products too. Freebees don't have to equal free products or services all the time, either. They can also be free shipping promotions, free gifts, downloads, apps, and more. Though you may lose some money initially, freebees will see you raking in the sales all too soon.

3. Be Ready to Compete

If you've ever bought anything, you know the deciding factor in your purchase is price. Of course, on Amazon one of the features of the site is to show customers comparable price when a certain item is searched. You may think that lowering your prices in order to compete with the thousands of other sellers on the site would be counterproductive, but selling good for good prices will win you a strong customer following.


4. Advertise, Advertise, Advertise

You can't sell if no one knows your store or business exists. If you have good SEO, chances are you'll be seen, but it is nothing compared to your visibility while you're also advertising. Advertisements can be both professionally done through apps and websites, and through word of mouth and personal promotion on social media. The wider you cast your net, the more customers you'll be sure to catch.

5. Market Far and Wide

Ensure that Amazon is not the only place where your goods and services are available. You should also have a personal website ready for interested customers, as well as a presence on other online retailer sites such as Etsy or eBay.

6. Offer Discounts & Deals

As your business grows, freebies should become less frequent, but they should be replaced with discounts, deals, and rewards. This will give your customers an incentive to keep shopping with you, while also showing them that you greatly appreciate the business they provide. This gives you the opportunity to land on the Amazon homepage under "Hot Deals" and "New & Noteworthy" which will almost immediately create an upswing in site traffic.

While these tips are excellent of use on Amazon, they can be used anywhere you conduct e-commerce business and relations. So, try the tips, do more research, look for more resources, and watch your sales skyrocket.

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