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10 Small Business Podcasts Every Millennial Entrepreneur Should Listen To

Tuggboat 10 Small Business Podcasts Every Millennial Entrepreneur Should Listen To
July 15, 2016

For millennials, business is not exactly what it used to be. There was a certain plan, or scheme, to follow twenty years ago that is drastically different today. Then, one might have worked their way up in company where they started as a temp or even an intern until they were running the company themselves. One might have also teamed up with a partner and gone door to door or business to business, building up a clientele list and marketing themselves in person. Today, business models are much closer to the latter, but they are still something totally different and unique that only millennials will truly understand and grasp. Of course, there is still much for millennial entrepreneurs to learn, either from those who are older and wiser, or from fellow entrepreneurs sharing their own experiences and outlooks, and one of the best ways to find such wisdom is through podcasts.

10 Perfect Podcasts for Millennial Entrepreneurs

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1. Money Making Millennials: This is the number one podcast for millennials looking to start a successful business that will last and make you money. Lead by teen entrepreneur Jonah Wilson, Money Making Millennials gives the right tips and advice through informative interviews on a range of topics that will transform any millennial into a moneymaking machine. This podcast also has a free eBook, 5 Ways You Can Make Money as a Millennial.

2. The Millennial Entrepreneur Podcast: This useful podcast features startup stories from other young millennials around the globe. Meant to inspire, educate, and most of all, empower, this podcast wants to help millennials from all walks of life find the tools they need to create and maintain their own businesses that will make money as well as a positive impact.

3. Manager Tools Podcasts: Headed by Mauzenne and Company, this podcast helps listeners by providing useful information about tools to further their skills and knowledge about career management and objectives. Through easy techniques, tips, and tricks, millennials can learn how to further their own small business in no time at all.

4. Breakthrough Business: This podcast by Michele Price focuses on interviews with other entrepreneurs and business professionals who offer their own experiences and advice on all things business. Some focus points include sales and technology as well as marketing to capture most all aspects of being a young and promising entrepreneur.

5. Home Work: Many young entrepreneurs are beginning their careers and businesses from home - so enter, Home Work! This neat podcast is especially for entrepreneurs who work from home such as freelancers. Headed by Aaron Mahnke and Dave Caolo, this podcast offers great advice that focuses on the different aspects of working from home. If you're a listener, you can even submit a question that will be answered right on the show!

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6. Accelerate Your Business Growth: This podcast with Diane Helbig focuses on doing what it takes to keep your small business thriving through great advice, tips, and interviews with different guest from around the business world. She handles all the big, scary questions and concerns, discussing them in a super informative way that helps all listeners grasp the best ways to accelerate growth for their own unique business.

7. Freakonomics Radio: This unique and slightly off beat podcast focuses on the "hidden side of everything" when it comes to the business world. Lead by Stephen J. Dubner, this show goes over a number of economic and business topics with a rather distinctive spin that keeps young millennials entertained and hooked.

8. The Entrepreneur's Journey: A podcast with an incredibly true title, this show by Yaro Starak helps young entrepreneurs begin their business journey. The podcast covers focused and specific help about starting, running, and maintaining a business, as well as some finer details many podcasts don't cover. These include helpful hints on how to take and make payments, how to sell eBooks, and how to both advertise and launch a new product.

9. I Should Be Writing: This podcast is especially helpful for - you guessed it - writers. Lead by Mur Lafferty, this podcast offers insights, tips, and much needed motivation for both new and emerging writers. With focus on freelancing, publishing, how to get rid of writer's block, the importance of a writer's community, and more, this podcast is perfect for the more creative entrepreneur.

10. Planet Money: This podcast by NPR helps young entrepreneurs learn how to make, handle, spend, and save money. In short, it offers all the advice you could possibly need (and want!) about money and finance when it comes to money and finance, no matter what you do for a living.

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Great advice is hard to come by, especially when it comes to working and making money. However, podcasts are a new and innovative way to get great advice on the go, so why, so why not try these ten out? If you aren't satisfied, there are many more podcasts out there to discover and explore!

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