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10 Hilariously Embarrassing Side Bets to Make With Your Fantasy Football Rivals

Tuggboat 10 Hilariously Embarrassing Side Bets to Make With Your Fantasy Football Rivals
August 11, 2016

Part of the fun of fantasy football is the friendly rivalry you may have with another team or even group of friends. Rivalries have always been a part of sports, and push fans to new levels of solidarity and comradery for their favorite teams. However, some rivals make things even more interesting by placing side bets on teams or players, especially in fantasy football. These can make things even more fun for everyone, not to mention extremely embarrassing for the defeated. If nothing else, these side bets will make great stories one day, so why not strike one up with you and your archenemy?

If you can't think of a good enough bet to make, the following ten options should spark up some ideas.

Try One (Or All!) of These Embarrassing Side Bets with Your Fantasy Football Rivals

#1 Open Mic Fright

In this bet, the loser has to perform at least five minutes of stand-up comedy at an open mic night. It's even better if they are required to work in jokes about their team, especially while wearing their rival's team colors, jersey, or other memorabilia. If the loser is shy in front of crowds or, like most people, gets a little stage fright, this bet adds another level of embarrassing punishment. Have the memory live forever by taking pictures and video!


#2 Team Name Change-Up

The winner is allowed to change the name of the loser's fantasy team for a specified period of time. The winner may choose whatever name they want, and the loser is forced to keep the name for as long as agreed. Even a week of this punishment is enough to humiliate anybody!

#3 The Voice

Once a week for a month, the loser must perform karaoke at the most popular bar. They must also choose the most embarrassing songs the winner can think of (we suggest "Barbie Girl"). This could mean a song super emotional, incredibly sensual, requires a true vocalist, or even a duet to be sung solo. Again, smartphones are welcome for documentation.

#4 Communication at Its Finest

Using Tuggboat's one of a kind email service, the loser must change their email to one that represents their love for their favorite team's rival. For example, if a Packers fan were to lose, their email might look something like this: 'andyj@bearsrule.email' or 'daniel@iheartthebears.email'. To add a little insult to injury, the loser must keep this address for a certain amount of time - say until the start of the next fantasy football season?


#5 YouTube Boob Bet

In this bet, the loser must dress up in an embarrassing outfit and create a video of them expressing love or devotion for their favorite team's rival. They can sing, dance, recite a poem, or even act out a skit. Once done, upload the video to YouTube and send the link to everyone you know. An added bonus, they aren't allowed to say why they're doing this, so all viewers will believe they actually love their rival team!

#6 Bow Down Bet

This straightforward and pretty classic bet calls for the loser to bow down to the winner whenever they enter a room. Whether that room is in a home, at a restaurant, a store, or anywhere in between, the loser must make an effort to bow down. The loser is also not allowed to explain why they are bowing down, and if asked, must only reply with "He/She is my King/Queen" or "I'm not worthy!"

#7 Silly Signage Bet

This bet requires the loser to walk around a busy mall or street wearing a sign or custom t-shirt with any message of the winner's choice. It can be something silly, humiliating, complex, or whatever the winner wants. To drive the point home, the loser must walk around with the sign for a certain duration of time - whether it is a day, a whole week, or longer.

#8 Dancing Fool

This bet can be a lot of fun and make for some great memories. The loser must dance when in the presence of the winner wherever they are - meaning at home or out in the world. The loser may do dance moves of the winner's choosing, or can simply freestyle. The only rule is that once the winner is near, they must break out in dance!

#9 School's In Session

If your friendly rivals are not the academic kind, this bet is even better. The loser must compose a full essay on why their favorite team's rival is much better than their team, as well as why the winner is better than them. This bet is taxing, exhausting, and can be hilarious once read aloud. Have the loser read their finished essay to the winner or the entire league - and a picture of the whole thing wouldn't hurt!

#10 The Rabbit and the Carrot

Saving the best for last. This bet involves more than one loser taking the punishment and some interesting rules. The loser of the league is required to dress up as a carrot and race to selected bars to chug one drink then dash to the next. Fifteen minutes later, the member who came in second-to-last place takes off in a rabbit suit to do the same with their own 15-minute head start before the rest of the league follows. If the rabbit catches the carrot then the carrot pays the tab. If the league catches rabbit, the rabbit pays.

Bets make sports that much more fun, so what are you waiting for? Embarrass your rivals and entertain your friends with these great bet ideas. Even if they're humiliating now, they're sure to make for some great memories down the line. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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**Special thanks to Reddit for some of these classic ideas**

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