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5 Ways to Take Your Pokémon Go Obsession to the Next Level

Tuggboat 5 Ways to Take Your Pokémon Go Obsession to the Next Level
September 02, 2016

For the past few months, one app has captured the attention of the world. Pokémon Go is a globally interactive app that has been encouraging people, young and old, to explore their towns, cities, and local parks on a journey to becoming a Pokémon master. With millions of players, the game as reached extraordinary heights in popularity generating merchandise based off the three teams in the game, and Pokémon influenced tools to help players as they capture Pokémon. If you're an avid player with an itch to 'catch em all' then here are five ways to bring your obsession to new levels.

Pokéball Aimer

With this handy device, you can say goodbye to wasted Pokéballs. The Pokéball aimer is designed to wrap around a phone and its strategically placed openings allow players to easily toss their Pokéballs without worry of unexpected curve balls or throwing too far to the side.

Pokeball Aimer

Source: Shut up and take my yen

Bike Phone Mount

If you don't have a bike, I would highly recommend getting one if you are interested in quickly hatching your many 2km/5km/10km eggs. To keep your phone safe while you ride you can order a phone mount to put on the handlebar, so your phone is always within reaching distance and view.

Create a Personalized Email

With Tuggboat, you can create a personalized email and show off your love of Pokémon Go with addresses like '#1pokeplayer@ilovepokemon.go' or 'goteam@instinct.ftw'.

Portable Charger

Pokémon Go can suck up a lot of battery which can cut back on game time if your phone suddenly dies and you have to charge recharge. A good solution is buying a portable phone charger to use as you play throughout the day and never have to miss another hour. If you want to feel like a Pokémon master, you could buy one of the batteries shaped like a Pokéball or Pokédex.


Source: Gizmodo

Pokémon Go Plus

This small device is a tool every Pokémon master should have. The device connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth low energy and will vibrate and flash to notify you if you are near a Pokémon or Pokéstop. When you are near a Pokéstop, the Pokémon Go Plus allows you to simply push a button to collect items from the stop. You can also catch Pokémon if you have already caught it before, this way players won't have to handle the hassle that is the mobs, Pidgey's, Weedle's, and Rattata's.

Bluetooth Go Plus

Source: The Verge

Featured Image Source: Eduardo Woo/Flickr

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