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Enjoying European Football: La Liga Is On!

Tuggboat Enjoying European Football: La Liga Is On!
October 20, 2016

For all you soccer fans out there internet surfing because you don't feel like working, you can stop surfing for a few minutes so that we can tell you that La Liga is finally here and we couldn't be more excited. Last season we watched as Barcelona secured their 24th title and remained champions for a second season after they defeated Granada 3-0 in the final match of the season. While last season left many of us either celebrating or sulking, this season we're only left in awe as the competition has never been as fierce. You won't find a match worth missing as everyone is working to with the 2016-2017 title. There's still plenty of soccer left to watch so here's a list of how to keep up with the action.

1. Have a Viewing Party

You can never go wrong with a viewing party. Having your friends around and watching the match together is the perfect way to spend time with everyone after a busy week at the office. Nothing beats hanging out with your friends while having a few burgers or hot dogs and a beer. To make the event even more fun (and competitive), you can create email addresses that highlight your favorite players or teams.

Some examples include:

  • messiismyfavorite@gmail.com
  • rinaldoisthebest@soccer.com
  • myteamisbetterthanyours@mail.com
  • the opportunities are endless and so much fun!

2. Join a Fantasy League

If you haven't tried it before, then I would suggest joining a fantasy soccer league. It's an easy way to feel like the owner of a soccer club and feel like you're a part of the action. You can set up a brand new email address for the occasion. Using your favorite sports team, players, or stadiums, are only a couple of great ideas for your new email address. The sky is the limit. So invite you friends to your very own private fantasy league and see who comes out on top! If you haven't tried fantasy soccer before, then here's a link you can follow to give it a try.

3. See a Game in Person

If you're lucky enough to be in the same city as a soccer club, go ahead and catch a game with your friends! Nothing beats watching a soccer game live. Feeling the crowd's roar, the outdoor breeze, and the excitement of your team scoring a goal, there's nothing like it. There's nothing wrong with watching the match at home, but it can never compare to seeing your favorite players and teams live battling it out on the field. Who knows, you might even be able to walk away with the game ball if they kick it high enough to you! Check out Stub Hub using the link to find tickets for your favorite team.

If you're not close to any soccer clubs, then why not plan a weekend with you friends and travel to a new area? Chances are if you don't live near a soccer club, then you probably haven't watched too many live matches. You probably haven't had the opportunity of seeing a match live. Whether you're in the U.S. or happen to be in Europe, get together with your friends for the weekend and take a road trip down to the nearest city that's home to its own soccer club. It's a great way to bond with your friends take some much needed time away from your everyday lives. You can even setup a new email for the occasion. You can use it to get everyone together, book the hotel, and use it for whatever else you have planned for that fun weekend!

4. Get Competitive

Setting up a small bet with your friends can be an interesting way to have some fun this season. If you're confident that your team will make it to the top, put your money where your mouth is! Or even better, forgo the exchange of money (bet responsibly!) and make the bet a little sillier instead, such as having whoever loses create and use an email of the winner's choosing. Now that's exciting (and nerve wracking)!

Staking something on the line to prove your team's worth adds that extra suspense to each game you watch as you hope you placed your favor on the right team.

Have Fun!

The European soccer league season is in full gear, and with every match so competitive, we wouldn't want you to miss out on even a second of it. There's still plenty of time left and when that's over the American soccer season starts. So call up your buddies and have a great time watching the season unfold!

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