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Inspiring Emails to Forward to Friends

Tuggboat Inspiring Emails to Forward to Friends
October 28, 2016

Many of us go through difficult times. Whether that time lasts a day, a week, month, or even a year, reality does catch up with the best of us. The most important thing to understand during this time is that we’ve been through difficult times before and we can certainly get through whatever it is that has us in a bind now.  Sometimes all we need is a little push in the right direction whether in the form of kind words from a friend or family member or maybe some inspiring quotes or images found online. Emails can be great motivators and give us the inspiration to keep moving forward. There are a wide variety of inspirational emails to send to your friends or family for a little pick me up. Even if you're in a good mood, getting a fun email from a loved one can brighten a day even more. Here are some great ideas for inspiring emails to send to friends.

Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational quotes are a simple yet effective email idea. Many people these days are constantly dealing with a never-ending schedule where they’re always doing something and don’t have time to read a long email. Sometimes a quick inspirational quote can be just what someone needs to keep going the rest of the day.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are great pieces of writing written by people who want to share their lives and opinions online with a broad audience. The best part about inspirational blogs is for that very reason, they’re real people going through life just like you, and sometimes that alone is enough to inspire someone. The creativity that people have these days is extraordinary and being able to express that through their writing can make readers feel what the writer is feeling. If you find a blog post that’s holding an inspirational message in it, go ahead and email that to a friend, family member, or even yourself!

Notes of Appreciation

Quick notes of appreciation can be more effective than you realize. We're not talking about notes detailing what to do for the day, but rather ones that show your appreciation towards someone. Maybe you wanted to tell your friend “thank you” for helping you out when you needed it. Maybe you just wanted to tell your friend that you’re always there for them. Either way, sometimes the best way to inspire someone is to send that email and show them that you care and that they matter.


Memes have become a popular form of communication these days. Memes range anywhere from comical posts to long-message posts, to inspirational quotes. Anyone can make a meme, and you can use any picture and any quote or phrase that you choose. The best part is that you can theme it any way you want. Maybe something inspirational is what your friend needs. Maybe your friend just needs a good laugh; after all, laughter is the best medicine.

Reality can hit us hard sometimes, and other times the day just feels long. No matter what, we can get through anything, and having some additional support from loved ones can make the day seem a little brighter. There is no shortage of ways for showcasing one's appreciation for the people in one's life, and sending an inspirational email is one of the simple and perfect ways to do so.

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