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Small Business & Entrepreneurs

Jumpstart your email marketing campaigns and learn about the latest trends in your industry relating to everything email. Master the art of closing deals with the perfect closing sentences or professional ways to open emails to potential clients. Communicating effectively online will not only help your business but build your reputation within your industry.



With most business professionals spending most of their day dealing with emails, conveying your message the right way can be difficult at times. Make the most of every email you send with templates for almost every industry imaginable. From photographers to small business owners, structure the perfect emails to generate more sales or network like a pro. Tweak and customize each email template until you are ready to send it off.


Address Inspiration

When you want to create the most clever email address to impress your colleagues or get a laugh out of your friends, find inspiration from our lists of address possibilities. Whether you’re a sports fan or a white collar professional, there are options for every personality!


Email Essentials

For all the email rookies, there’s a guide to help with the not-so-basic skills everyone should have. Learn all about how people communicate online and how to do it well. Find help for email etiquette in the workplace, understand how email works and how to write the perfect email whether it be to family, friends or colleagues.

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