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Email Templates for Photographers

2016-07-15 23:30:31

As a professional photographer, chances are you send and receive upwards of hundreds of emails a day. In fact, your first interactions with your clients is sure to be over email, which makes having a trusty email template or two ready a good idea to keep business flowing smoothly. Many of your emails may soon look the same to you, with similar information being sent out and similar requests being sent in. All in all, having an email template that is trustworthy, quick, and simple to use and understand will not only make business boom, but help you keep track of tasks, clients, and appointments.


Email Title


To start, titling your emails will help you and your clients stay organized. In short, there are a few categories of email you will send as a photographer. These include:


·      New Inquiry Response

·      Meeting Confirmations

·      Contract Signage

·      Details on Products and Packages

·      Review and Release


By knowing which category your email falls under and having a template in line for each, your responses will be quick, polished, and informative, not to mention easy to keep track of for future reference. When starting your email, distinguish it by using a title that correlates to one of the five categories so you can inform the rest of the text.


Introductory Details

Introductory details are those that tell the client what the email will be about in a concise, easy to understand manner. Your details need not be extensive, but may simply alert the client to pertinent information necessary at the start of your working relationship. For example, if you are sending a new inquiry response, introductory details might sound something like this:


Hello [client name],

Thank you for your inquiry! I would love to set a date and time to talk more about your [event] details. Can we schedule a phone call to talk for a bit and get better acquainted? Below are a few dates and times to connect – please let me know what works for you!

[day and time content]


Closing Remarks


As the title hints, closing remarks are how you will wrap up your email. Your closer need not be longwinded or overly informative, but simply polite. Treat it as a quick and concise summation of the information in the email, and invite the potential client to connect with you with further questions, comments, and concerns. Closing remarks should not have an air of finality, but a “goodbye for now” or “we’ll be in touch” feeling that invites the correspondent to say more if needed, leaving things open to further the conversation as your work relationship builds.


Templates to Try


Your templates are something you should choose carefully as you will likely be working with them for a long time to come. Of course, it is incredibly simple to change up your templates if needed, but chances are you won’t have time to fiddle with your email template every few weeks or months. With this in mind, choosing a template or templates that get the job done and look nice will ensure that this is one less thing you’ll have to think about for quite a while The following two templates are rather basic and simple, open to customization, but perfectly useable as they are.


Example Template 1: Confirmation Email


Hello [client name],


I would like to confirm our appointment on [Date] at [Time]. My workplace is located at [Address]. A link and map with easy directions are located below:


[link] [map]


If you have any questions or concerns before our appointment, please call [Your work number] or email me and I will be sure to get back to you quickly!


Thank you and I look forward to working with you!


[Closer/Sign Off]

[Your Name]



This rather simple template can be edited to feel more personal or like you, but it holds all the elements you’ll want to capture when confirming with a client:


§  Politeness and Approachability

§  Necessary and Relevant Information

§  Welcome to Further Questions

§  Kind and Simple Sign Off


·      Example Template 2: Review and Release Email


Hey [client name],


Your photos are ready for viewing! You can see all the pictures by clicking on the link below:




If you have any questions, please call [Your work number] or email.




[Closer/Sign Off]

[Your Name]

For more email templates that cover just about every scenario a photographer is sure to experience, look here and here for free information and downloads.

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