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Email Templates for Car Sales

2016-09-09 16:17:30

If you’re an automobile dealer looking to sell cars at competitive prices while creating a professional and friendly relationship with potential customers, the first thing you need to do is get on top of your emails. Unfortunately, many automobile dealers independent of a company or not have poor communication and customer service skills, let alone a process for following up on emails sent by interested customers. Allowing an email to go unanswered for a long time, or ignored completely is not only rude, it could spell disaster for your car sales business. Luckily, something as simple as an email template can help build up a strong customer connection, while also increasing the likelihood to make a sale.



Email Title

The email title is the gateway to the email itself, which means how you title your message could make the difference between a sale or a disgruntled customer. A rule of thumb is to be both polite and concise, giving the individual the information they immediately need while also showing your customer relation skills. When working in car sales, there are few common categories your emails will likely fall into. These include:

Interest In a Car: When a customer contacts you showing interest in a vehicle you are selling, it is imperative that you respond in a timely manner and with a professional email. A template would be best here as there are a few points you need to hit: the priced quote, the status of the car (“new” or “used”) and when they can set up a meeting to learn more about it. Chances are your customer will already have the basics of the car, meaning the make, model, color, and other cosmetic details. It is up to you, then, in your response to be clear about how much the car is going for (with room to haggle), the status, and a time and date to meet or set up a phone call.

 Payment Set Up and Confirmation: The next step in the car sale routine is to figure out payment and confirm the actual payment method. This email will be pretty straightforward, and will likely come after some correspondence and perhaps a meeting. This email will likely include quick points on payment, processing, and other related options.


Issues or Inquiries:  If the customer has found an issue or problem with their newly purchased vehicle, you will likely be receiving a phone call or email about it. When responding to such emails, titling the message with the problem or an address to problem would be best.




Introductory Details

Introductory details are those that will direct the customer to what to expect. Usually, these will include a campaign message or a call to action, inviting the customer to learn more and take action to get deals and other promotions. As you are selling something, these portion of the email can get a bit carried away, so it is important to remember that you should only include information that is immediately relevant to the topic and the customer. This might be anything from further contact information to reach you or the general manager of your dealership, promotions or offers directly relevant to the purchase of the vehicle they’re interested in, and information about next steps.


Closing Remarks


Closing remarks should always be cordial and as helpful as possible. This simply means that you provide ways to contact you, underlining which are the best ways to reach you, encourage questions and comments, and appreciation towards the customer. Thank them for their interest in your services, remark that you look forward to the working relationship, and sign off with your full name, proper salutations, and your title. This shows professionalism and may very well give your customer a boost of confidence in working with you.


Templates to Try


Email templates will of course help streamline your business as well as offer a number of other positives. Professionalism, a trusting relationship with customers, and a surefire way to ensure that no customer inquiry goes unnoticed, and email is one simple device that can go a long way. The following templates are examples of emails you will likely send out to various customers.

Example 1: Auto Response


Dear [Customer Name].


Thank you for your inquiry and interest in the [YEAR] [MAKE] [MODEL]. We have received your email and will be responding to your request shortly. If [allotted amount of time] has passed without hearing from us, please feel free to contact me [Your Full Name] [Credentials if Applicable] at [Work Number] and I will get back to you within [allotted amount of time].


Thank you for your interest in [DEALERSHIP OR COMPANY NAME]’s services. I look forward to hearing from you!


[Closer/Sign Off]

[Your Name/Title/Credentials]


You may also make the customer aware of upcoming promotions or deals that will help lower or modify the price. Remember – relevant information only!


·      Example 2: Personal Response  


Hi [Customer Name],


My Name is [Your Name/Title/Credentials]. I have received your email regarding the [YEAR] [MAKE] [MODEL] and would love to meet with you to discuss more. Below are a list of dates and times on which I am available for a phone call or meeting. Do any of these work for you?


I look forward to hearing from you soon! Thank you again for you interest in [DEALERSHIP OR COMPANY NAME].


[Closer/Sign Off]

[Your Name/Title]



All in all, a strong email presence can work wonders on car sales and your career. Finding the template that works for you and your company can really turn things around, so do you research and practice great customer relations every chance you get.

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