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Benefits of Email Marketing for Small Businesses

2016-09-08 21:06:15

Email marketing, though seemingly outdated, is consistently one of the most personal, most effective, and most direct methods of marketing. So, we wonder, what’s outdated about that? If anything, email marketing has progressed with the times and the technology. It’s like a modern, non-invasive, and much less hated version of telemarketing. It is a way to drop lines right into the laps of your customers!

Email marketing is a tool that many large companies use, quite successfully even. Whether it’s to tell customers that an item they are interested in is back in stock, send them links to other items based on their interest in others, or to send them exclusive promotions, the list of reasons for potential emails is vast and nearly endless. And while it does indeed work for big companies, we’re here to suggest that the benefits of email marketing for small businesses are actually much, much bigger.

Think about it. How do small companies grow? They actively work to retain their loyal client base while also vigorously working to expand it. If that’s the case then, what’s more to-the-point than an email sent directly to the same place that family, friends, and colleagues send their messages? An inbox is the spot to send first-time deals, loyal-customer rewards, and special offers. It’s the place to get your name out there – to get a lead!

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