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20+ Baseball Email Creations Just in Time for Opening Day

2016-10-28 18:07:18

In today’s world of quick communication and constant self-representation, what we write in the content of an email is not the only information being transmitted. For example, in the same way that your signature leaves an impression at the end of an email, so does your address itself! And why wouldn’t it? It’s the first thing that people see in their inbox and the first thing they type before sending something your way.

That means that, just like the correspondence itself, the source is important in saying something about you. Why not have a little fun with it?

With a customizable email address you can choose anything from a beloved pet name to a favorite book or a treasured sports team. Take baseball for example! If you’re the biggest Dodgers fan out there, why not show it?

Here at Tuggboat, we think you should, which is why we have come up with a few fun baseball themed email creations to show your spirit just in time for opening day!

Have a favorite team? No problem! Try one of these:

  • kansas_city_royalty@email
  • megametsfan@email
  • Abaseball@email
  • cubsclub@email
  • NYankee@email
  • phillie_fan@email
  • rockiesrock@email
  • texasranger@email
  • LAAA@email
  • giantgiantsfan@email
  • cheerstothebrewers@email
  • rayfromthebay@email

Or maybe you have a least favorite team?

  • bostonredsucks@email
  • nobraveshere@email
  • chicagowhitesucks@email

Even if you just love the sport itself, too, the options are endless!

  • putmeincoach@email
  • takemeouttotheballgame@email
  • foulballfan@email
  • homerunner@email
  • hereforthecrackerjacks@email
  • ballparkdog@email
  • sportsareneat@email

Have a favorite player? Or maybe you have a favorite year in baseball history? Use it! Use your baseball knowledge to impress the masses, or even just your friends and family. Use what you love and let the world know one email at a time.

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