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How to Get a Custom Email Address

2016-11-02 18:47:07

Most people are aware of just a traditional email address and what it does. For most of us, that email address probably consists of our name and is the primary email that we use for just about everything. While you may have used that email address your whole life, there are times when a custom email address would be a lot more beneficial than you may realize. But maybe the first question to answer is, what exactly is a custom email address?

Custom Email Address

Custom email addresses don’t differ from your standard email address except for one key trait. We’ll use “johndoe123@gmail.com” as an example; this is the traditional form of an email address. With a custom email address, the “gmail” part of the email address (or anything after the “@” sign) also known as the 'fleet,' changes. In a customized form, the email could read “johndoe123@school.com”. In other words, you’re not limited to a specific domain site. You’ve most likely come across these types of emails before. Companies use email addresses like these all the time where they use the company name, so instead of getting an email from “johndoe123@gmail.com”, you may be seeing one from “johndoe123@companyname.com.”

Why Use a Custom Email Address?

The biggest benefit of having a custom email address is professionalism. Larger companies, bloggers, and small businesses can use a custom email. Having a custom email address can help you appear more professional. It can also keep you connected with the people in your company. We all probably get a bunch of emails every day, so having a custom email address within your business helps direct all mail to that specific inbox help keep things organized by categorizing the emails received. There is also some flexibility with having a custom email address, in that there can be different email addresses for various departments within a company.

How to Create a Custom Email Address

Believe it or not, creating a custom email address is a relatively simple process. It’s no different than creating a standard email address other than the fact that not every domain site will offer that option. While not every site will allow you to make a custom email address, there are still numerous sites you can go to make one. However, be aware that some sites may charge a subscription fee for you to use a custom email address. The websites that do charge subscription fees are relatively inexpensive so don’t be too afraid of having to spend a little money to make your email address.

If you’re making an email address that needs to be on the professional side, then it's a very good idea to use your company name or anything professionally relevant as the domain site. The domain site or the fleet is the section of the email address right after the “@” sign. Remember that if you’re creating a professional email address that you should also make the first section of it professional as well.

Once you’ve decided on an email address, simply connect it with an email site of your choice. For example, if you already have a Gmail account, you can create a custom email address and connect it with that account. What this will do is whenever you get an email to your new custom email, it will be routed back and forwarded to your Gmail account. Once you've picked your destination address, you are ready to go. It's that easy!

If you’re feeling convinced to make an email address, then go ahead and check out the multitude of options we have. Here at Tuggboat, we specialize in helping you create the perfect custom email address for any occasion. We do charge a small subscription fee, but you will be more than pleased with your new email address.

Can Anyone Create a Custom Email Address?

The answer to that question is yes! Anyone can create a custom email address whether it's a company, blogger, small business owner, or even some trying to set up a fantasy sports league. With no restrictions or guidelines to creating an email address, all you need is a destination address and some creativity!

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