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Nineteen Simple Email Marketing Tips for Small Business to Use Right Now

2016-09-09 16:15:32

Nowadays, every business should utilize the ease of keeping in touch with their customers via email marketing. However, it is important to send customers only messages that have a point and benefit them in some way. Nobody wants pointless emails, and it would be a catastrophe for your recipients to mark your thought-out emails as spam.

To stand out from the plethora of emails your busy customers receive is a big accomplishment. Therefore, here are a few tips and tricks to utilize in order for your company to reach its goal, whether that is to gain traffic to your website or announce a huge promotion.

1. Personalize the Sender Name.

A study found that when an email of a human’s name, rather than a company’s address, enters an inbox, the recipient is more likely to open it. For example, rather than utilizing the email address company@aol.com, try your name: mark@aol.com.

2. Link Your Images.

If you decide to include images in your email (remember that a lot of times people set their phones to not include email images and not everyone uses HTML, and therefore, the image can transform into a mess of gibberish codes), then let the image be clickable to redirect them to an informative outside source, like your website.

3. Include Social Media Links.


With every email sent out, you have the chance to expose customers to your social media feeds: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn – whatever you use! Take advantage by including the media button at the end of your email.

4. Make a Clear Call to Action (CTA).

What’s the point of your email? This should be clear, time sensitive, and should not take the reader long to figure out. A few examples are, “come by today”, “call now”, “get a free estimate here”, etc.

5. Don’t Let Your Email be Flagged as Spam.

Using certain words trigger emails as spam, as well as using all caps or exclamations in the subject line.

6. Include an Unsubscribe Button.


This is actually the law! Make it easy to unsubscribe, if your clients wish to, as well. Making customers search excessively, or have to unsubscribe multiple times, only makes them upset, and they will target your company in a negative way as a result. We understand that you don’t want clients to leave, but doing so with dignity will help maintain your customer value.

7. Make it Simple to Subscribe.

Too many “catches” and a lengthy application processes will deter even the most avid fans. Make it simple to subscribe.

8. Get Permission to Email Them!

Again, this is a law; It is illegal to send people unsolicited emails.

9. Reward Your Subscribers!

Jot down birthdays of your subscribers to send them an annual gift, or offer first-time subscribers a discount. Also, keep sending special events and discounts periodically. Having incentives will keep your clients interested and happy.

10. Let Everyone Know What to Expect so They Can Debate Whether They Want to be on Your Email List or Not.

What are you going to send them, when, and why? These are the basics everyone wants to know. Most people have a multitude of subscriptions, so bogging down someone’s inbox with unnecessary information will only detour your patrons. Give them options to sign up what they need or want.

11. Use a Preview Text.

After the subject line, a preview text provides a short and sweet glance at what the rest of the email has to offer. It looks nice in an inbox, grabs the reader’s attention, and entices people to read more.

12. Make the Email Easy to Read.

Give the email bolded or distinct headings, broken up into sections, so people can easily find the information they are looking for. You don’t have to include every bit of information in the email, but rather include a button for them to read more on your website.

13. Send it to the Right People.

You don’t have to send every email to your entire contact list. Instead, categorize your clients so they receive emails relative to them.

14. Don’t Let Anyone Forget About You!

Email clients periodically so they remember who you are, and are, therefore, less likely to delete your mysterious email that they don’t recognize anymore.

15. Match Your Brand.


Is your business targeted towards teenage girls with a shopping habit, or older men who love to fix cars? An email that grabs your client’s attention should correlate to your brand’s staple colors and vibes.

16. Ensure that Your Plain Text is Readable and Clean.

Again, not everyone opens their emails on a computer screen, but, rather, a lot of people click on an email on their phone or tablet.  Make sure that the plain text (rather than HTML) is visible smoothly.

17. Design the Email Utilizing the Correct Pixel Space.

Most email receivers see their messages on a screen with 600x200 pixel space, with images turned off. Otherwise, all of the hard work put into the email design will look a bit off.

18. Use a Catchy Subject Line.

Draw the readers in with your subject line, and avoid all caps, which looks like spam. However, be aware that the subject should be accurate. Don’t lead people astray with a catchy heading that does not address anything in the email.

19. Track Your Emails!

Invest in software to analyze who is opening your emails, when they are doing so, if they are clicking through to your website, how long they look at your email, etc. Use this information to strategize the next email.

Email marketing is the fastest and cheapest way to reach out and stay in touch with customers. Who doesn’t love a quirky, midday pick-me-up email that is informative or offers a free gift?

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