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How to Bounce Back from Common Email Mistakes

2016-09-09 16:12:00

In this day and age, email is one of the main forms of communication in the workforce. Several employment opportunities involve working from home, making emails the most important method of communication. But when you are going through your email throughout the day—whether it be 10, 20, 200—chances are mistakes will be made.

Hopefully, these mistakes won’t damage any relations, but just in case, it is best to learn from and bounce back from these mistakes.


The Missing Link

One of the biggest mistakes when sending emails is forgetting the attachments, that "send" button may just be too close to the "attach" button. The best way to correct this mistake is to reply to your own sent email with the needed attachments. Do not write a separate email as it will just clutter your recipient’s inbox. This also applies to attachments or links that don’t open.


Wrong or Missing Recipient

Sending an email to the wrong person or leaving out a person in a bulk email can cause ongoing problems. It would be best to nip these problems in the bud by sending a quick apology to the recipient before redirecting the email to the correct recipient. To add the missing recipient, "reply all" to your sent email, add the missing recipient with all prevalent information from the first email with an apology and explanation.


Heat of the Moment Sending

One of the worst mistakes you can make is writing an impulsive email when angry or stressed. There is often an aggressive tone and not the best of manners. The best thing to do is immediately try and recall the email or send an apology.


Bad Send Habits

Some small email mistakes can give you a bad reputation like always using the "reply all" even when it is not information everyone needs or using vague subject lines. The only thing you can do for this is to form a habit of understanding to who and what you are sending.


Sending Before You’re Done

If you prematurely send an email, there isn’t much you can do besides copy and paste the content then continue where you left off. In order to stop this from happening again, you can wait until the email is complete to place the subject line or recipients. In some emails, you can get a message pop up before you decide to send if there is no subject line.


Unprofessional Email

If you use an unprofessional sounding email, the chances of employers or fellow employees viewing you as unreliable or unprofessional grow exponentially. But it is also understandable wanting to keep a single email for work and family. So how do you change emails without having to get in contact with all of your friends and relatives about the email change. Why not use Tuggboat instead? You can give employers a professional email without bouncing back and forth between work and other emails while keeping your current email.

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